South African Rapper AKA Knocked for Suggesting Mixed Babies Will Cure Racism


South African rapper, AKA has stirred up another controversy after suggesting “interracial sex’ is the key to ending racism and "saving the world".

In a series of tweets, AKA reacted to the story of Adam Catzavelos, the racist white South African whose video of himself using an apartheid-era slur to describe Black people while vacationing at the beach went viral on social media.

Authorities have reportedly charged Catzavelos for using the offensive term and his family has sacked him from the family business altogether.

AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, commended his alma mater, St. Johns College, for barring Catzavelos from school grounds. According to The South African, Catzavelos has children enrolled at the school.

“As an Old Boy, I take my hat off to this … Well done College!” the rapper tweeted. “It couldn’t have gone down as a popular or easy decision. I say this as someone who grew up there amongst some strong attitudes of white privilege and entitlement.”

“This is a powerful move,” he added. “Proud.”

His message took a questionable turn, however, when he offered the idea that interracial sex and creating “mixed babies” were the answers to ending racism. His tweets garnered thousands of likes, but not everyone was impressed with his solution.

He tweeted: "Also nothing is going to kill racism faster than interracial the world ok..


"More mixed race babies, please! Save the world," he added.


“Did AKA really say interracial sex will end racism????,” one user wrote. “What a moronic thing to say especially by a 30 y/o man who has lived as a product of interracial sex in a country infested by gross racism. There is attention seeking and then there is simply being a fool.”

“This is what happens when you are lazy to read children,” another user chimed in. “You tweet unwarranted and unsubstantiated tweets like this.”

One woman seemed appalled that a “coloured (biracial) man” would tweet such a thing. Others questioned exactly how having mixed race babies would save the world from racism.

“Racism has been there throughout history,” one person wrote. “I don’t see the connection between it and mixed raced babies?”

Additional information gotten from Atlanta Black Star