Student at Essex School Write Racist Comments on Black Colleague's T-shirt

via BBC

via BBC


The only black student in his year at an Essex school has suffered unexpected racist abuse on the last day of term.

Pupils at Clacton County High School write messages on each other's T-shirts on their last day as a tradition.

Racist abuse, including the n-word, was put on one student's shirt, leaving him uncertain about continuing his education in the town.

Senior Vice-Principal Chris Taylor said he was "shocked and appalled one student could have acted in this way".

The school said traditionally it had an annual shirt-signing session at the end of the GCSE examinations.

"This happy and lively event was marred this year by the totally unacceptable actions of a student who, without thought of consequence and with total ignorance, wrote racist and hateful remarks on the back of the shirt another student," said Mr Taylor.

The school has apologised to the student and his family who moved to the town from Newham in east London because they had spent happy summer holidays there by the sea.

The student is now thinking of moving back to London to a sixth form college.

His mother said: "My friend's son was murdered in London and I got fed up with the sirens going all night.

"It was a dangerous place with some bad people so I was delighted when I saw a home for sale and moved to Clacton. But the dream has turned to a nightmare."

Police have been informed and are carrying out an investigation in to "suspected malicious communications".

Source: BBC