More Questions Than Answers After Cape Town Shooting Leaves Three Children, Man Dead



There are more questions than answers about what led a gang to open fire on a vehicle in Browns Farm, leaving a man, two teenagers and a 12-year-old dead.

"The police have done profiling and picked up that the driver was recently released from prison. It was a case in Stellenbosch," local community policing forum chairperson Martin Makasi said on Wednesday.

"There might be a link. Maybe these people were looking for him. We don't know at this stage."

However, Western Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut was not prepared to reveal any details

"Kindly be advised that the finer aspects of our investigations into serious crimes are not divulged," he said when he was asked if detectives were looking at a possible link.

A man, aged 28, two teenagers and a 12-year-old were sitting in a vehicle at Browns Farm at around 21:00 on Tuesday, when three armed men fired at them and fled the scene, Traut said earlier.

A fourth child, who was also in the vehicle, was injured and rushed to the hospital.

Residents were in shock, especially because children were involved, said Makasi.

"We are not sure if the man is related to the children. The question we must ask is why were these children in the vehicle? At the same time, what gives a person the right to walk to a stationary vehicle and start shooting?"

Makasi said the police had done a lot of good work around Browns Farm but needed to intensify their operations.

"It is very clear that young people have illegal firearms in their position and are very callous in firing them.

"We need to be proactive in finding the source of these firearms and ammunition."

Traut said no arrests had been made.

Sourced from News24