RIP Uyinene Mrwetyana



Family and friends sat in court, tense and hopeful as the suspect responsible for Uyinene’s disappearance made his appearance. Their hopes were dashed when Judge Nomnikelo Konisi revealed that the suspect was arrested on charges of rape and murder. Their distraught cries were heard as they mourned the sudden death of Uyinene.

Uyinene was a 19 year old student studying at the University of Cape Town. She went to the post office and was told by the man who was found guilty of her murder to come back later as there was no electricity. When she came back, he raped her and bludgeoned her to death with a scale.

A 42 year old man was recently arrested in connection with the disappearance of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana. She disappeared for a week, but, in court, the 42 year old man, who was revealed to be an employee at the post office where Uyinene was killed, admitted to raping and murdering her. He was arrested on charges of rape, murder and defeating the ends of justice.

The death of Uyinene Mrwetyana has sparked an outrage with women across Africa and across the world. Her untimely and shocking death has sparked serious conversations regarding the rape culture and sadly common femicide and domestic violence cases in South Africa.

Unfortunately, her death is not unique. Many women in South Africa have been raped and subsequently murdered by spouses, boyfriends, friends and in some cases family members.

After Uyinene’s death, many cases of kidnapped women came to light. Marches and protests have taken place across the country demanding for change.


I have been able to speak with multiple women regarding their own cases of sexual assault and harassment and I am appalled by the number of women that have experienced similar cases in these issues. What I am also shocked by, is some of the reactions by boys as young as 13, who seem to lack empathy and understanding regarding this issue. I have read several posts made by women referencing comments made by men, with some seemingly brushing off the problem of rape and even go as far as joke about it. Rape is not a joke, it is an extremely despicable act. We all need to understand that. It cannot, it MUST NOT be normalized. The amount of women who have lost their lives to femicide is completely shocking. This MUST end.

This is a very huge problem as this is a psychological issue. This very problem is why we as the younger generation must force each other to speak on these issues rather than keep quiet and accept what is outrightly wrong. We do not want to have to keep fighting battles that should have been won before. Let us educate each other and NOT FORGET! Men and women alike, we all must come together and speak on these issues.



Kamdi OkonjoComment