There are three issues that need immediate solving in South Africa :




In the past few weeks, many people have died as a result of unsolved issues in present day South Africa. Many, including myself, believe that these issues stem from an apartheid past. Three different issues stemming from one problem. Apartheid was a terrible regime that had devastating mental results.

In order to come up with solutions to the three problems we are currently battling in South Africa, we will have to answer some questions.

1) What are the legacies of apartheid?

Regarding the legacies of apartheid, I would like everyone to focus on the mental legacies of apartheid and how that links to the current three issues in todays society. While answering this question through discussion with your peers, teachers, family and friends, I want all of you to consider a few other questions that may lead you to some solutions.


Why has this problem continued to grow in our society?

How can we solve this problem?

What steps can we take in planting seeds in the current generation?

2) What ripple effects have these three issues in South Africa had in other African countries?

3) What ripple effects will be felt in South Africa as a Result of these three issues?

Question number 3 may seem easy to answer, but please remember, that we are not just talking about the social atmosphere. Consider every possibility. Remember that the political and economic atmosphere must be seriously considered.

4) What more can we do instead of just talk?

Remember, certain steps need to be taken. How can we implement our solutions?

I want everyone involved in this. It is important to have outside opinions, meaning people from different continents and in their respective countries should partake in this conversation. We are all going to be the future generation and we should all be informed of the issues in our respective countries and be part of the solution.

Please remember that in your discussions or posts, everybody’s opinion is welcomed. However, in order to make a positive contribution to your discussions, you all must be well informed. No ignorant or offensive comments. Remember that we are trying to solve problems in our society. For the better.