How Nigerian-Canadian Teenager Wants To Safeguard Internet Users

A Nigerian-Canadian teenager Tega Aror’s entry into the Trend Micro “What’s Your Story – 2019, scholarship video contest,” canvasses for a safer internet experience for users.

Aror’s entry for the 13+ age group is captioned the “The Legend of Netvenger” whom she describes as the universal internet guardian – a fictional superhero.

Her interesting story line details how “Her father (Dr. Webb, world-renowned digital technologist) had been working on his latest invention: The Life Digitizer.”

She was digitally immersed into the digital world at a tender age and got exposure to the intricate nature of the web – the good, bad and ugly.

With this new knowledge of the internet, she wants to keep internet users away from danger and does this by flashing urgent, real time warning messages to users internet screens.

Her story is what every one in this digital age should be interested in. Click on the link below to watch her story and make the internet safer!

Vote for her story here until April 30, 2019!

Culled from Concise News