South African Celebs Open Up about the Real Pain of being Bullied


Bullying can happen to anyone at any point in their lives. It doesn't matter what a person looks like or how successful they are, they can still be hurt by the words and actions of other people. Some of South Africa's favourite female celebs have recently opened up their experiences with bullying.

Looking at these lovely ladies, you'd think they have it all, but they've had their own share of pain caused by the actions and words of others. Here's what some of the beautiful women in South Africa's entertainment world said happened to them:

Lady Zamar

Lady Zamar suffered under relentless negative attention because of the wardrobe choices. She recently stood up against the bullying and said people need to stop commenting on what she wears. She reminded people that what she wears at home is none of their business.

Dineo Moeketsi

Dineo was bullied in school because of her famous mother. She said children couldn't cope with her mom being a celeb and she suffered as a result. Fortunately, Dineo did not let it keep her down and she's stronger than ever.


Makgotso had her own experience with bullying when she lived in England. She was already a star by the time and was bullied on social media. She remembers being picked on at school and wishing to return home as soon as possible. However, she overcame it and stands tall today.

Gigi LaMayne

Gigi LaMayne was also attacked on social media after she posted a photo in hopes of raising awareness for her foundation, GigiLaMayneFoundation. However, people body shamed her and insulted her. The rapper didn't let it get to her though. She said it's just something she'll add to the book of her life.

Culled from Briefly