Gambia: School Bullying should be Looked into

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“Bullying brings about violence and where violence exists it results to anarchy, which directly or indirectly will affect the lives of the young children of our society,” said a senior education officer in The Gambia's Region One.

So many children feel very discomfort in schools as a result of school bullying. Authorities need to do a lot to dent this menace because it has and is still serving as an obstacle for so many children. 

Bullying exists in schools and in communities and therefore a more collaborative effort is needed to make a stop. This would require both parents and teachers to work hand-in-glove by putting in mechanisms that would arrest the situation.

In the United States, according to the FBI, “Bullying remains one of the largest problems in schools, with the percentage of students reportedly bullied at least once per week steadily increasing since 1999.”

In today’s world, bullying goes beyond school. It goes on the internet which is becoming even more common in the Western world. According to Franklin Schargel, cyberbullying has become more rampant and has contributed to many committing suicides especially among children. The Internet has unleashed meanness to a degree unseen before. Thanks to the accessibility to the Internet and the affordability of new technology, bullies now have multiple ways to harass their victims. The current generation has the added ability to use technology to expand their reach and the extent of their attacks exponentially.

To address the issues in the advanced world, Schargel suggests a need to assess the awareness and the scope of the bullying problems at school through student and staff surveys.

Also in The Gambia, to address the issue of bullying and other violence, matters concerning them should not be hidden. They should come to the fore for relevant authorities to take all necessary steps in solving them or minimizing them to a certain level.

Our school authorities should also be vigilant as we are in a technological world in which many students go to school with electronic material including mobile phones, tablets and other gargets. These materials can be used as tools for students to bully their fellow students making them very discomfort in their learning.

Parents should also be checking on their children to monitor their performances and their relationship with their colleagues so as to help them to be comfortable to learn.

“Bullying is never fun, it’s a cruel and terrible thing to do to someone. If you are being bullied, it is not your fault. No one deserves to be bullied, ever. ”

Raini Rodriguez

Culled from The Point