Black Is Beautiful, A Lot of Blacks Know That; But Do the Whites Know It Too?


History is replete with stories of racial discrimination. We read about the apartheid in South Africa. We read about racial slurs, Jim Crowism, Ku Klux Klan, and other white nationalist groups bent on trampling the black man.

As we flip through the pages of history books, we thank our stars that we are not born in the Post-Bellum South of the United States, or in Apartheid South Africa where our people were oppressed because of the colour of our skin.

Unfortunately, it takes just one trip outside of our country to bring us face to face with the startling truth that we have been living a brutal lie!

Racism was never History; it never stopped sometime in the past as we have been made to believe, it still lives on in the thick blood of millennials and even in Generation Z.

When you get to school in other countries, a lot of white boys and girls tease you because of your colour, they snub you in the hallway because you look different from them and they refuse to answer your questions because they think you are not worthy of their attention.

Thus, one might be forced to think that: 


Maybe these young people think bullying people of a different colour is ‘fun;

Maybe they do not see that their actions actually hurt others’ feelings;

Maybe they don’t know that black is beautiful.

Maybe no one ever told them that racism is bad.

 Which is why I think that it is important for:

1.      The schools to teach everyone to embrace people of all colours and races.

2.      Parents to teach their children to be tolerant of people of different cultures

3.      Teenagers to know that whites and blacks can be friends and live in peace and harmony;

4.      White boys and girls to that know that black is just as beautiful as white.

5.       We will be loved and accepted to the degree that we love and accept others.

 I am Kamdi Okonjo