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Teen Tate is a website that aims to enlighten others about Racism, Xenophobia and Tribalism. Three issues that torment our world today. It also aims to create a bridge of understanding and friendship between West Africans and South Africans living in South Africa. This website is founded on my Christian, biblical principles and focuses solely on the issues of Xenophobia, Racism and Tribalism.


Bridging the gap between foreigners (focused on Sub-saharan africans) living in South Africa and South Africans. Enlightening others on the issues of Racism, tribalism and xenophobia.


Teen Tate should serve as a place where teenagers can find solace and comfort separate from the harsh world we live in. Where West Africans living outside of their country can find friendship and not hatred from South Africans. Where teenagers can discuss issues (Tribalism, Xenophobia and Racism) and contribute their thoughts and solutions in order to try and solve these issues.



I went to PlasticView to interview a really kind lady : Ms Lucy, and she told me of the hardships that many with her endure as a result of 1. Apartheid and the dipossession of their land and 2. The fact that many of them are not able to find jobs.

I think it is really important as the youth, to be aware of the issues in our societies so that we know how to tackle them in the future, or even do it now. Make our own positive contribution to society.

She was very kind and wanted the video to show the problems that people in her position face today. I got her permission to shoot the video and she was also able to look at each clip and choose which ones she wanted in the video.

Thank you Ms Lucy.


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IMG_5718 2.jpg

Legacies of Apartheid.

These images were taken when shooting my video : PlasticView.

It is so important that we become aware of what is happening in our society and become actively involved in changing things for the better. You can find more pictures in the Gallery page.

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